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Hello, I’m Karen. I believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do LinkedIn. Browse our selection of proven resources to get LinkedIn working as a powerful tool for your business and career.

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LinkedIn Online Training with Karen Hollenbach

These monthly lunch and learns teach you how to take advantage of the latest features on LinkedIn to stay ahead of the pack.


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Karen delivers information in a clear and interesting way with lots of actual examples to make understanding the process of improving the LinkedIn experience easier to navigate.
Lisa Cunningham, Business Executive at KFive + Kinnarps Pty Ltd

Karen is great at explaining the key tools you need to make your LinkedIn stand out. Her insights and understanding of how to use the platform was really helpful for our team, explaining pieces we didn’t even know or think of. We hope to implement this into all our profiles going forward.
Katie Dewar, Personal Assistant to David Koch

Straight from the get go Karen knew what she was talking about. With experience and a strong practical attitude Karen guided us to improve our LinkedIn marketing.
Nicola Grummit, Director, Grevillea Law

I worked with Karen on my LinkedIn profile. Karen has been really great to work with: very responsive and tuned in to my needs. I felt I could trust Karen’s judgement and am very pleased with the final results. I recommend Think Bespoke if you need to refresh your LinkedIn presence.
Beata Edling, Non Executive Director, Noxopharm Limited

Karen is very knowledgeable on how to navigate your way around LinkedIn. She provided excellent advice on my profile and how to focus my profile as well as my activities to attract the right kind of clients. I highly recommend her for LinkedIn training including your personal and company branding on LinkedIn.
Nitha Coetzer, Founder & CEO, iMaven

I’ve worked with Karen on many occasions and have found her to be so knowledgeable when it comes to LinkedIn strategy for business or corporate professionals. Would highly recommend her for corporate training or one on one business & LinkedIn coaching.
Suzanne Chadwick, Personal & Business Brand Strategist, The Connection Exchange

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone wanting to clarify and amplify their brand on LinkedIn and unify all professional platforms. Commissioning her recently for a 1:1 coaching session, she provided some powerful pre-work and an agreed agenda of outcomes I wanted to get out of the session. She provided a written review of my LinkedIn profile and website with recommendations for improvement. and next steps. I’ve even got a recorded video of the session to refer back to. With her encouraging and direct style, Karen is able to cut through the noise so you can get out of your own way and move forward to build your brand. Save yourself a lot of time by booking a 1:1 session – I wish I’d done it earlier.
Carolyn Marriott, Director, Broadsight Advisory

Keen to know more about how to get more value from LinkedIn, I contacted Karen to present to our 6 person editorial team at Pinstripe. Ahead of the meeting Karen reviewed our individual profiles and business pages and provided detailed notes outlining changes to be made. The hour long session conducted via Skype was efficient, to-the-point and covered all our main concerns. The team came away armed with lots of new ideas on how to leverage LinkedIn as individuals and as part of a business. Karen really knows what she’s talking about and that gave us all confidence. I highly recommend her services.
Lucy Kippist, Editor, Flying Solo

I would recommend Karen and Think Bespoke’s services without a nano second of hesitation. Karen’s knowledge of the power of LI is amazing and importantly, her workshops are fun and relaxing.
Carol Wilson, Project Manager, PNORS Technology Group

I can proudly say I have completed all of Karen’s LinkedIn training modules. I found the program easy to navigate and her style comfortable to listen to and learn from. The material was well explained and presented with a good flow and level of depth. Thanks Karen, I enjoyed it. I highly recommend the program.
Janine Stratford, Leadership Coach, Coaching Focus

I engaged Think Bespoke’s services to educate my regional team and I on how to maximise LinkedIn for Steel Mains. Karen trained us on LinkedIn Profiles and how to navigate our Company page. Karen provided invaluable insights on our Company Page strategy which will be essential for growing our organisation in the future. I highly recommend Karen’s hands on approach to group and 1:1 training.
Jo El Zein, Regional Sales Manager, Steel Mains


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